My Recipe for Shodou

The ingredients of Shodou

You don´t need a cat to for doing calligraphy No necesitas un gato para hacer caligrafía
You don´t need a cat to for doing calligraphy
No necesitas un gato para hacer caligrafía

• Years of practice
• Patience
• Perseverance
• Endurance
• Strength
• Concentration
• A firm hand
• Balance
• Harmony
• Sumi ink
• Ink stone (suzuri)
• Calligraphy brushes
• Paper
A cat (You do not need the cat!)


The word shodou書道 means the way of writing
In Japan usually we start shodou when we are very young, I started when I was 6 years old, but latter I continued practicing, shodou is a long life learning technique, not all the Japanese can write very well with a brush but they know the basics.

Perseverance, endurance, strength, patience…the shodou has a great connection with the Zen Budhism, the movement of the brush needs a lot of concentration and coordination. This is what we call mushin’ a state of mind in which you live your mind in blank. Finally, the result of the work is balance and harmony in your writing.

I encourage you to try it!

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The Dondo Yaki, the Fire of New Year’s Spirits

The dondo yaki

First full moon festival of new year  ‘the fire of the new year´s spirits.

Around the January 15th burn the decoration of new year in different neighborhoods, schools and temples. This is an event connected with Shintoism . It is said that the smoke from this fire  will bring you good luck for your business or study and it will protect you. Also some people cook the mochi in that fire and eats to be healthy this year.

We also burn of the first calligraphy of the year Kakizome. It is said that if you warm yourself with the smoke that comes out after burning  your calligraphy the next year your writing would improve. I use to do this when I was a kid and it worked quite well!昨日の映画終わりに-とんど焼き-へ-some-regions-that

Dondo Yaki
Dondo Yaki