Last month June 2018,Japanese TV program called ‘Sekai no murano doerai san’ , the title means something like ‘ ‘Remarkable person around the world’ 
in the picture that was one the painting I gave to the program, the Lion is the logo of the show. 

After the program I have received many messages of support from Japan , and l have been asked how to watch it, but for legal issues of the channel I can not share the video, neither a link. They did surveys to people in the street in Barcelona and my name was appeared in the survey 

Thank you very much to all.


The last month I was invited by the Japanese Embassy in Portugal, to the Japanese Matsuri in Lisbon with other artist, I did the collaboration with Keita Kanazashi a taiko player for the first time, we did a performance of calligraphy and sumi-e togueter, I painted a dragon we met in Bilbao few years ago and we were talking to do the collaboration. Then I was asked to make the design for a T-shirt for his Taiko group Enishi meaning union, fate, destiny .

Keita Kanazashi by Mitsuru

T shirt design for Keita Kanazashi by Mitsuru
 Crédit: Japanese Embassy in Portugal


Japan- Spain 150 Years Anniversary of Comertial Relationship


This is one of my lastest works, a commission for Japanese Embassy in Spain. They asked me for a work to commemorate the union of the two countries.

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Spain. On November 12, 1868, when the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Japan and Spain was signed.

The measure is 135×72 cm on washi paper. There are several important monuments of both countries. It is painted in the form of a bridge that represents the union of both cultures. At work they appear:


The aqueduct of Segóvia

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

La Alhambra Patio Arrayanes, Granada

Puerta de Alcalà, Madrid 

Fushimi Inari ( Kyoto)

Pagodas de Houryuji (Nara)

Kaminarimon ( Tokyo)

Sky tree ( Tokyo)

Monte Fuji



Why tiger and a Yuzu? 
One day Mr. Ishida one of the best Chefs restaurants in Japan made to Ferran Adrià an onigiri ( rice ball ) with Yuzu ( a type of Japanese citric ) with the shape of a tiger, because he was born the year of the tiger, and he loved it…that is how the history of friendship between the masters Chefs began. 
This is one of the drawings for the play in which I participate in the artistic part of the story with my paintings. You can follow Kaiseki Teatre page and see the latest news about the play

That was my visit to El mibu in Tokyo, I gave to the Ishida´s the original logo of the play

Thank you for sharing