Japanese Calligraphy Art and Sumi-e


Mitsuru Nagata

Born in Kyoto in 1979 began to study Shodo at the age of 6.
He graduated in sociology at the Buddhist University of Kyoto. For years accomplished several courses to perfect his technique but he has developed his own personal style that combines sumie and shodou.

Japanese calligraphy or ‘shodou’ and ‘sumie’ are techniques of

painting that are practiced in some Asian countries and have connection with Zen Buddhist philosophy.  Those practices require years of study to master the performance of them.


Mitsuru currently lives in Barcelona and writes this blog about Japanese culture and art  Nagatayakyoto.net. His main purpose is to make know worldwide traditional and contemporary Japanese culture. He has also held exhibitions and participated in several festivals and art fairs in Barcelona and other cities like Bilbao and Madrid as a guest artist doing live painting performances. 

Currently it has an online store that carries unique and personalized works of calligraphy and sumi-e for people or calligraphy letters for your business Logo. He also is working on artistic creation in a new video-art project with the theater company Kaiseki and he also participates in some TV productions.

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Original  Japanese and Sumi-e paintings